The Three Wishes of Aladdin

Written by
David Dietz

Aladdin Cast
The 2004 South Park Children’s Theatre cast of The Three Wishes of Aladdin
Top Row (l–r): Scott Keith, Kattreena Boyle, Kevin Cole, Angeline Noel, Ian Harrold
Bottom Row (l–r): Jon Hall, George Chammas, Ellen Gries, Ben Boyle

“Great dialogue and humor to boot! It was the best children’s play at South Park this summer.”
– Leonard Lies, audience member, film director, and “Machete Zombie” from the original Dawn of the Dead

Bath In a delightfully hilarious adaptation of the classic tale from 1001 Arabian Nights: Aladdin—a poor, lowly street urchin—discovers his destiny when a cunning, dastardly magician arrives on his doorstep, saying that Aladdin is the key to uncovering a fabulous treasure.

Hoping to take his family from rags to riches, Aladdin agrees to follow the magician to where the treasure is located: The distant Cave of Wonders.

Angered by Aladdin’s impertinence, the magician traps Aladdin in the cave. All seems lost until Aladdin uncovers a magical lamp from whence emerges an outrageous, fun-loving magical genie. The genie grants Aladdin three wishes, one of which is to meet the stunningly beautiful princess!

But the crafty magician is lurking nearby. And he is not done with Aladdin—or his magical lamp—quite yet!


Cast:6 men, 3 women (2 either)
Run Time:~65 Minutes
Intermission:1, depending on needs
Genre:Fantasy, Comedy, Fairy Tales, Adaptation from Literature, TYA, Children’s Theater
'The King'
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