The Casualty of Cupid's Arrow

Written by
David Dietz

2004 SPT Cast
The cast of the 2004 world premiere production of The Casualty of Cupid’s Arrow
(produced under the title The Celestial Social Service)
Clockwise from left: Megan May, Jerry Wienand, Paul Laughlin, Toniaray DiGiacomo,
Marianne Shaffer, Emily Lorini, and Ross Blumen.

Images courtesy Donna Mason

“A farce of modern mythological proportions. Dietz has created a little romp that could play anywhere. Very fun.”
– John Hayes, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

“I liked it so much. This is high praise from me because, in truth, I often don’t like plays. But this was different. The dialogue was really funny. [The characters] actually seemed like real people.”
– Barbara D’Souza, audience member.

“In a season of such warhorses as The Odd Couple, Perfect Wedding and Funny Money, I commend South Park Theatre for going out on a limb introducing their audiences to Dietz’s new work.”
– Ted Hoover, Pittsburgh City Paper

“...a well-constructed and heartwarming mix of mythology, comedy, and modern romantic tribulations...”
– Sarah Lunnie, Literary Manager, Playwrights Horizons

Daran & ValFollowing “one of those nights,” Daran Walters, perennial loser in the game of love, inexplicably finds himself back in the home of Mitzi Doherty, the “one that got away.”

Mitzi’s family—her hardhearted mother, in particular—is none-too-pleased by the sudden reappearance of her ex-boyfriend after more than a year, as it curiously coincides with Mitzi’s imminent nuptials.

And, as if the situation wasn’t awkward enough, Daran also begins seeing a mysterious and strangely alluring—not to mention mischievious—woman about the house named Val who may (or may not) be the fabled Goddess of Love!

Is Daran dreaming? Hallucinating? Or could it be that he has actually been called to serve some higher purpose?

The answers are surprising and the laughs are plentiful in this delightful romantic fantasy comedy of love, loss and letting go.


Cast:4 women, 3 men
—Multiple ages (20s, 40s, 60s)
Run Time:~95 Minutes
Set:Unit (standard interior living room with two entrance/exit points)
Light/Sound Cues:Minimal
Genre:Fantasy, Comedy, Romance, Magical Realism, Greek/Roman Mythology
Awards & Recognitions:
Acting editions, director’s binder books, and performance rights and permissions for this show are all available exclusively from:


Pittsburgher’s “Social Service” Delivers Romance
Review of the world premiere production of The Casualty of Cupid’s Arrow (formerly The Celestial Social Service) from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Published 5/28/04.

Summer to Offer Doses of Laughter at South Park Theatre
Article previewing of the 2004 summer season at South Park Theatre, including the world premiere of The Casualty of Cupid’s Arrow (formerly The Celestial Social Service), from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Published 5/19/04.

Playwright, Budding Actor to See a Summer of Relishing Both Roles
Profile article of playwright appearing in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Published 5/19/04.

Crafton Playwright Completes Third Full-Length Play
Another profile article of the playwright appearing in the Signal Item Star. Published 5/19/04.

Press Release
The official Celestial Social Service press release.

“Sunday Night Live” Offers Chance to Read, Perchance to Revise
Article about the first reading of The Casualty of Cupid’s Arrow (formerly The Celestial Social Service) from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Published 10/26/01.

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