“A Thing of Beauty...”

Short Tales of Supernatural Suspense

Written by
David Dietz


“A Thing of Beauty...” and “Indemnity” are two teleplays originally drafted for a horror/sci-fi/fantasy anthology series I conceived during my college days:

The Realm Beyond

It’s essentially in the same vein as Tales from the Darkside, The Twilight Zone, or, most recently, Fear, Itself.

Until the series finds its way to materialize as originally conceived (see below), these two scripts stand very well as short, independent screenplays. They have already been adapted into a spec script for the series Night Visions.

Script Synopses:

Elisabeth - A Thing of Beauty

“A Thing of Beauty...” - MARTIN ALDRED, a young artist, has created numerous paintings throughout his young life. Now, at his first professional showing, his work is finally receiving the critical raves and audience appreciation he has long sought.

The centerpiece of Martin’s collection is a portrait of a beautiful Victorian woman which Martin has christened “Rêveur L’Amoureux” (French for “Dream Lover”). Despite numerous bids from several of the wealthiest patrons of the city, Martin refuses to sell the painting.

Meanwhile, mysterious and gruesome murders have begun happening at the gallery where the show is taking place, which happens to be owned by Martin’s mentor, DR. STEADMAN. The killings appear to be connected to the “Rêveur L’Amoureux” painting, and Martin confesses to being “visited” in his dreams by the woman he has painted.

Is Martin somehow responsible for the deaths? And if not, then who?


Indemnity - DVD Sleeve Art “Indemnity” - WILLIAM is on the run from something obsessed with his demise. In a desperate attempt to flee his pursuer, he makes his way to a tiny, isolated rural town, where he finds refuge in a bar owned by local resident JOE.

Joe’s attempts to get William to open up about his troubles meet with only limited success. All the while, the one who longs to see William dead, his former lover ANGELA, closes in on him.

Is William merely a victim of the fury of a woman scorned, or is there some darker secret lurking?

Indemnity was produced and is available on DVD.

Click on the DVD cover image (at right) to visit the film’s web site to learn more about the production (as well as where you can get a copy of the finished film)!


For the Night Visions spec version of both scripts.
For the Indemnity screenplay (solo).

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