A Weekly dramatic series
Created by

David Dietz


If you could go absolutely anywhere in the entire universe, at any point in time, where would you most like to go?

Would you witness first-hand some significant event in Earth’s history? Or journey to the far distant future to see what wonders await humankind? Perhaps you’d even choose to witness the birth of an entire solar system? The possibilities are endless…

And these are exactly the situations in which the heroes of TIMETROTTERS find themselves. Each week, they — and we — will NEVER know precisely when or where they will turn up! In the grand tradition of other time-travel opuses, TIMETROTTERS can be thought of as VOYAGERS!:The High-School Years, DOCTOR WHO minus the TARDIS, or QUANTUM LEAP to the next level.

The young man taking us on our weekly journey through history and the wonders of the universe is TIMOTHY MITCHELL. This typical high school senior has extraordinary intelligence that has made it difficult for him to “fit in.” That, and his parents’ tendency to constantly “re-locate.”

For the first time in what seems to Tim like forever, he is finally establishing himself at Montuok High School. Of course, Tim isn’t completely without his problems. For instance, the mentally challenged members of the athletic squads persistently pick on him every day for being a “brain.” Fortunately, he has found sort of an ally in ALICIA GREENE, an artsy outcast girl who could pass for a live-action Daria Morgendorfer. Although Tim doesn’t understand Alicia’s interest in him, he is secretly grateful for her friendship.

One night while the pair are studying Shakespeare at Tim’s house, Alicia takes Tim upstairs to explore the attic his parents had forbidden him to enter. Inside the attic they discover a treasure trove of artifacts from nearly every significant period in human history… and then some!

Going through one of the boxes, Tim discovers a mysterious gold and silver-plated device, similar to a PDA but featuring an “antique” façade. When it accidentally activates, Tim and Alicia are caught in the flash of light.

And when it subsides… they find that they have gone a LONG way from home.

Timothy and Alicia’s — not to mention our — journeys only begin there. The pair soon find themselves caught up in places, events and situations that most people only dream of:

A post-apocolyptic future Earth — ravaged by a nuclear winter — populated by bands of mutated, marauding survivors…

England in the 11th century, where they discover that the myth of Robin Hood runs deeper than anyone has ever suspected…

A planet in the far distant future whose inhabitants have forsaken their physical forms giving their world a “haunted” appearance…

Philadelphia 1776, where they witness first-hand the birth of a brand new nation…

As Timothy and Alicia journey through time and space, they will discover things they never knew about the universe around them or about themselves. They will come of age and change the lives of the people they encounter along the way, as they struggle to gain control of the malfunctioning Omichron device and find a way back to their own world and time.

What surprises will they discover along the way? Is history truly as we know it? The only way to know for sure is to tune in to TIMETROTTERS every week and see!


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