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2/7/20It’s amazing what you discover surfing the internet. It never occurred to me to look for reviews from the Freakshow Cinema compilation, but I found one that had some nice things to say about Indemnity. Thanks so much, Diana and Jackie! Read it HERE.
It’s taken a while to get it online. But finally, here’s the full 2012 interview of Indemnity director/star David Dietz on Chiller Chat.
2/1/16Been a while since we had a review to post, but we still love `em when they come in! This one focuses more on the technical transfer of the film to DVD than the actual content of the film itself, but it still has some nice things to say about the film. Either way, we’ll take it as a victory! Read the review HERE.
2/25/15Another terrific international review comes through; this time from the Great White North, eh (that’s Canada, if you didn’t know). Thanks to Richard Gary for his kind words! Nearly three years after its initial release, and it’s still getting positive notices! Read the review HERE.
1/28/15Well, it took a couple years (and some back and forth with CreateSpace) but Indemnity is finally available to watch online (for sale or rent!) on:

1/25/15Finally, Indemnity gets a review on Horror Society, thanks to Mac Brewer! Once again, more praise for the performances than the production, but we’ll still take it as a victory! Read the review HERE.

So psyched to receive another terrific review from Drew Mead at B IS FOR BEST movie reviews! Thanks, Drew!

Indemnity director/star David Dietz was recently interviewed by BURGH VIVANT for its Halloween issue. Check out the video above and go to the Burgh Vivant website (or iTunes) to download the full, uncut audio interview!
8/3/14Not the best review we could have hoped for, but at least it compliments the acting in the film (which we’ll take as a win!) Thanks to Maynard Morrison at for his honesty. Read it HERE!
5/19/14Now available exclusively on this site: Get your copy of the Indemnity single release DVD individually signed by the director for $10 (including shipping and handling). Click over to the WATCH page for all the pertinent details!
4/10/14Two years after Indemnity’s initial DVD release, it’s still getting positive notices! Like this latest one from Tracey Crockett (aka “Necro Stein”) of The Horror Nation! Read it HERE.
2/14/14Indemnity has made a return (of sorts) to one of its original outlets! If you have a ROKU device, you can once again watch Indemnity exclusively on...


(WARNING: Most MADDYGTV programming is intended for mature audiences. Viewer discretion is advised. Indemnity is unrated, but PG-13 in nature.

While you’re there, check out zD3’s other production, Fetish Dolls Die Laughing!)

9/10/13About a week or so ago, I was told that you can now also buy Indemnity as part of an 11-film DVD collection called Freakshow Cinema. Order it from Amazon HERE or click on the WATCH tab above. (Oh, and on a related note: zD3’s other production Fetish Dolls Die Laughing can also be found on a similar DVD collection called Psychopaths and Maniacs, which you can also order from Amazon HERE.)
4/15/13To celebrate the nearly 1-year anniversary of Indemnity’s DVD release (oh yeah, and it’s tax day too), we give you a new review from DVDTalk reviewer Jeremy Biltz. Thanks so much, Jeremy! Read it HERE
4/1/13Well, it’s April Fools’ day, but this is no joke! Two great new pieces of news to post today:
  1. We got another fantastic review from the Gruesome Hertzog podcast and its reviewer Scott Geiter. Thanks so much, Scott! Listen to it HERE.

  2. We also learned that Indemnity has won another award from the Horror Hotel Festival in Cleveland, Ohio! It won an “Outstanding Horror Short” award and will screen at the festival on Saturday, May 18, at 1:30 pm! For all the details, click here:
    (Oh, and if you notice: yes, zD3’s other production Fetish Dolls Die Laughing also won an award and is on the screening list!)
3/21/13From something not so hot, to something practically on fire! Check out this review from John Shatzer at Gutmunchers. Thanks so much, John! Read it HERE.
3/13/13Even from a not-so-hot review, something positive can be pulled. Check out this notice from blogger Emma Knock at The Horror Hothouse. Thanks so much, Emma! Read it HERE.
2/25/13And here’s yet another positive notice from blogger Christine Sullivan (aka “Dusk2Dawn4”). Thanks so much, Christine! Read it HERE.

Can’t believe I missed this one. It was posted back in October, but it’s a very positive review of Indemnity posted by Tiffany Apan (whom you may recall also wrote a review for Rogue Cinema - see below!)

1/5/13Listen to the Gorram Nerd Hour podcast for their awesome take on Indemnity! Listen HERE or download it on iTunes! Thanks guys!
9/25/12Michael Haberfelner interviewed me for his web site (re)Search My Trash! Read it HERE.
9/10/12Another fantastic review from Michael Haberfelner (from Sweden)! Thanks Mike! Read it HERE.
4/24/12As of today, the Indemnity: Rage of a Jealous Vampire DVD (loaded with extras, including the bonus feature Shade's Last Run!) is available for sale from Amazon and many other video retailers (though mostly through their online outlets, anyway!)

You can also buy a copy directly from this site! Click on the WATCH tabe above for details!

4/18/12Another positive (and unsolicited!) review from Jan Lennartsen on IMDB! Thanks Jan! Read it HERE.
4/11/12The Deadly Indie Drive-In published a nice interview that they conducted with me! Thanks Walter (for everything)! Read it HERE.
4/10/12Here’s another positive review from a UK(!) blog by Andy Boylan called Taliesin meets the Vampire! Thanks Andy! Read it HERE.
1/17/12Look for the slightly retitled Indemnity: Rage of a Jealous Vampire DVD from World Wide Multi Media in April 24, 2012. Also look for zD3’s other production, Fetish Dolls Die Laughing on DVD from the same distributor at the same time! Pre-Order both titles now!
12/15/11Indemnity is back online for FREE, exclusively on MADDYGTV.

(WARNING: Most MADDYGTV programming is intended for mature audiences. Viewer discretion is advised. Indemnity is unrated, but PG-13 in nature.

While you’re there, check out zD3’s other production, Fetish Dolls Die Laughing!) Watch now until April 24, 2012!

12/2/11Yet another overall positive review for Indemnity; this time from Twisted Central. Read is HERE. Thanks, Tammy!
9/16/11Indemnity has become one of the proud, happy few films to win a “Creech” award (see photo at left) from the Pittsburgh Film Workers Association! It took the award for Outstanding Feature at the 2011 Pittsburgh FWA film festival! Thanks to all the judges who voted!
9/6/11Another positive review - this time from Rogue Cinema Read it HERE. Thanks, Tiffany!

Our positive review from the Deadly Indie Drive-In (see below) has lead to a distributor picking up Indemnity for a DVD release! Look for the retitled Indemnity: Rage of a Jealous Vampire (with extra bonus features!) from World Wide Multi Media in March 2012!

6/29/11And the hits just keep on comin’! Another positive review from AnythingHorror Central! Read it HERE. Thanks, Scott!
6/27/11So far, Indemnity has been accepted into three film festivals: The Pittsburgh Horror Film Festival, HorrorQuest, and The Indie Gathering, where it received an Honorable Mention in the Horror Short category.
4/20/11Indemnity makes its worldwide broadcast debut (sort of) this week! Check it out anytime for FREE from April 20-27, exclusively on MADDYGTV.

(WARNING: Most MADDYGTV programming is intended for mature audiences. Viewer discretion is advised. Indemnity is unrated, but PG-13 in nature.)

4/11/11Fantastic! Another positive review; this time from The Deadly Indie Drive-In! Read it HERE. Thanks, Walter!
3/21/11Can’t believe we missed this, but the first review for Indemnity was published online back in November of 2010! Thanks to Tim Gross of Gross Movie Reviews for being the first to critique our little film. (And, yes - it’s actually pretty good!) Read it HERE. (Updated 1/15/13)
3/16/11Watch Indemnity online for $1.99! Click on the Watch button in the banner above. Click HERE for the official press release!
1/21/11Purchase the some of the music that was used in the soundtrack for Indemnity. Click on the logo below to order Ruff Creek’s CD “No Regrets.” Support indie music!
1/20/11 The Indemnity web site goes live. Currently awaiting word from 3 different film festivals.
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