Have Old Videos?

zD3 can transfer your old analog video tapes to digital files (which can be stored on DVD or sent to you digitally), preserving your precious memories for many years to come.

zD3ís Sony SL-HF400 Betamax deck.

Whether your memories are stored on mini-DV, VHS (or S-VHS and VHS-C), Betamax (Beta), or Hi8 video tapes, zD3 can convert it to a DVD for just $10/tape.

Discounts are also available on bulk orders.

zD3ís Sony EV-C8u Hi8 deck.


Have any VHS tapes from overseas (recorded in PAL or MESECAM video standards) that you canít play on US players? We can also convert those tapes to DVD for the same low price!

zD3ís Samsung SV-5000W worldwide VCR.


We can also make as many duplicates of your new DVD (or any other homemade DVDs you have) for $2/disc.

zD3ís ASUS DVD duplicator.

(Our rates are so low because we produce no-frills DVDs with simple menus.)

zD3ís Panasonic DMR-E75V DVD recorder.

For more information, please contact us.

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