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I play the role of Sam Stokes, the creepy groundskeeper in Kiss of Death Productions’ newest feature Babes in Psycho Land.

The original opening sequence from Death from Above. (Most of my bits ended up on the cutting room floor. Now, you can watch it as it originally was!)

Watch the theatrical trailer (which one of my cut bits actually made it into!) below:

Watch my guest-starring role on the TBN sitcom Pastor Greg.

Watch The Book of Life, a short narrative drama produced by Chavie Resnick and the girls from Tzohar seminary.

This is Dark Path, a short narrative thriller made by my friend Brad Grimm.

Here’s the complete award-winning film A Thin Camel.

Here are my two appearances on the bowling show Pinheads.

First Appearance (Preliminary Round)

Second Appearance (Championship Round)

The theatrical trailer for Indemnity. Available on DVD!

The theatrical trailer for Fetish Dolls Die Laughing. Available on DVD!

Here’s the first part of Shade’s Last Run, which is also the bonus feature on the Indemnity: Rage of a Jealous Vampire DVD.

Trailers from the two episodes of the long-running Chassidic Jewish children’s series Agent Emes in which I play the titular character’s nemesis: Uncle Evil!

Episode 12:
Agent Emes and the One that Got Away

Episode 13:
Riding on a Donkey

The second half of the film Destroy Jonah Hill in which I briefly appear as a reporter. (Video begins at that point.)

Watch the four episodes of Battle Lords that my character The Shaman (and his real-world counterpart) has appeared in thus far.

The True Life Story of Herbert J. Boogieman

A short film starring me as the Boogieman. (Think of it as This Is Spinal Tap meets Monsters, Inc. Vote for it on Funny or Die!


A short noir drama I star in. (Though, I’m sure you’re not going to be looking at me as much as you are at Elysia, my co-star! Can’t blame you...)

The trailer for A Bitter Lullaby .

Check out my first and last (to date) episodes below.
To see the entire series, click on the logo above.

Check me out as Packard Winslow in the trailer to the film U: The Underwood Company.

A blast from the past: my on-screen acting debut in the film Hindsight.

And this is my second on-screen acting job in the film Cakeeaters. (Trust me. You have to see it to believe it!)


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