“...(David Dietz’s) range of roles speaks to his deft hand with characterization, and to his insightful understanding of both comedic and dramatic pieces.”

– Vivian Schilling, award-winning author of Sacred Prey and star of Soul Taker.

David in Robert Morris University promotional literature
Me in a piece of promotional literature for Robert Morris University

“What works most consistently in the production is the portrayal of the primary KGB interrogator Vladilen by David Dietz.

Stiff-backed, authoritative and soldierly at first, Dietz measures so well the slight mellowing of Vladilen that his attachment to Olga, much more than Boris’, becomes the emotional fulcrum of the long second act.”

– Ed Blank
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
review of
Lightning from Heaven

The Eternal Question: Just Who Am I, Anyway?

No one can say with any certainty what exactly made me want to be an actor. (Ask my mother, and she’ll tell you that the brightness of the lights in the delivery room at Sewickley Hospital all those years ago first triggered the instinct.)

I technically began acting when I was just a small child, pretending to be the different heroes (and villains) from my favorite cartoons in my own back yard. As I grew into adulthood, I realized (much to my delight) that not only was it OK for me to keep pretending, but that I might actually be able to make a career out of doing it!

Set photo from 'Death from Above' with David and Kurt Angle
Me as “Chef” with star Kurt Angle and Paul Adamo in
Death from Above
Courtesy – John Iwanonkiw, North Shore Pictures

I studied theatrical performance and script analysis at Indiana University Pennsylvania, ultimately earning a theatre minor. From there, I went on to further study with Tom Gaydos at Robert Morris College (now University) where—in addition to earning my Bachelor of Science degree in Communications Management—I picked up the coveted Ellen Petterson Memorial Scholarship for Performing Arts.

Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to build what some might consider an impressive list of film, theatrical, voice-over, and other multimedia credits. And, last year, I began what may be my biggest and most rewarding endeavor with the foundation of
z-Diet-3 Productions

But, rather than bore you with all the details here (that is, anymore than I probably already have), why not just browse the various sections of this site and see for yourself what I can bring to the table?

I promise you won’t regret it... nearly as much as you may regret having that second helping of mashed potatoes!

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