Film/TV/Radio Productions

The Bread, My Sweet
The critically-acclaimed independent feature starring Scott Baio, produced in Pittsburgh!
An independent feature written and directed by, and starring Amber Benson (aka “Tara” of TV’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer!)
Five Day Rental
By far, the BEST student-made film I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. Plus, it was produced in Pittsburgh!
A gothic horror web series produced in Pittsburgh. If you liked Dark Shadows you’ll loveNocturnal!
Battle Lords
A sword-and-sorcery fantasy web series produced in Pittsburgh. Think of it as Lord of the Rings meetsLost!
Dead Patrol
Another web-based horror/thriller series produced in Pittsburgh.

An independent zombie feature produced in Pittsburgh - now available on DVD!
19 Doors
An independent thriller shot in Lyndora, PA (just an hour or so outside of Pittsburgh!) Release info from the distributor HERE.
Strange Girls
An independent thriller shot in and around Pittsburgh, PA.
The It's Alive Show
A late-night horror movie show produced in Pittsburgh!

Sleepy Hollow Theater

Another late-night horror movie show produced in Franklin, PA (an hour and a half outside of Pittsburgh.)

Captain Blasto

An independent comic-book fantasy (think Hero at Large) produced in Elizabeth, PA (on the southern outskirts of Pittsburgh.)

Agent Emes

An independently produced Chassidic Jewish childres series produced in Pittsburgh, PA.
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